Management Support

Managers have an important task when it comes to preventing long-term absence. By being consciously involved, you will keep your employees sustainably employable. PSY Business can support you. For example, how should you deal with an employee who has been ill for a long time and (for whatever reason) has difficulty reintegrating into the company? How can your recognise signs of overwork in your employees and how can you prevent them from actually dropping out? And how can you ensure that all this responsibility does not overburden you?

PSY Business has programs where you as a manager can receive support to better manage long-term absenteeism within the company and prevent this where possible in the future.

The most important features are:

  • Recognising signs of overwork in your employees (and yourself) ahead of time
  • Learning to recognise and diminish risk factors
  • Learn to communicate effectively
  • Find and maintain balance in varying circumstances
  • Management support can be offered individually or in groups


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They went before you.

  • If the indirect costs are included, the daily costs could rack up to €400.

  • Did you know that the daily costs of absenteeism can lead up to €230?