Informal care support

Informal care can be very demanding, especially when the carer also has a job. More and more people are confronted with the role of the informal carer, where an appeal is made to the carer from all angles. Besides the many practical arrangements that need to be made, the carer also has to deal with the changing behaviour of their partner or relative on a regular basis, for example when dementia is involved.

PSY Business is there to support you in finding and maintaining the right balance between the various influential factors.

The most important features:

  • Information about different forms of dementia
  • Tools for dealing with the changes in the behaviour of the partner or relative
  • Find and maintain a good balance between work and private life
  • Informal care support can be offered individually or in groups.


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They went before you.

  • If the indirect costs are included, the daily costs could rack up to €400.

  • Did you know that the daily costs of absenteeism can lead up to €230?