CBS regularly publishes figures showing that a lot of people feel mentally exhausted because of their work. People have to work longer hours than they can handle, or the working pace is too high. Insufficient personal responsibility can also cause complaints. People who are better able to regulate their own working hours, order and pace of their duties have less or no problems with these fatigue complaints.

But don’t underestimate the daily number of stimuli you have to contend with either. With the arrival of the internet and smartphones, this amount has increased dramatically, with a stream of information coming to us via Social Media. People regularly have both their television and computer on, whilst they are engaged with their smartphone. All these distractions make it increasingly difficult to focus and concentrate on a single subject. Chronic over-stimulation causes fatigue and stress and can even lead to persistent concentration problems.

For many people, the need for places of peace and quiet is increasing; it helps them relax and recover from stress. A quiet environment, away from all stimuli, allows you to get away from the hectic life. Adequate attention to rest and relaxation should be an important part of your daily routine. Because in the end you will get more energy from sufficient relaxation to perform better!