Seminar: recognising and preventing work-related stress

What is stress? And when do you use the term burnout? How do you recognize the symptoms and how can you intervene in time? These questions were central to the seminar “Recognising and preventing work-related stress” organised by PSY Business on Wednesday 14 November 2018.

In his presentation, health psychologist Eduard van Dijk explained step by step what stress does to you and which warning signals you should not ignore. He also explained how you can recognize someone else’s signals and how you can best communicate about them.

The seminar was held in response to the national campaign “The week of work-related stress”, which focuses on prevention and job satisfaction this year. After all, more job satisfaction decreases work-related stress. Eduard van Dijk also showed that work-related stress as a reason for absenteeism has not only increased considerably in recent years, but also that work-related stress absenteeism is often long-term in nature. Reasons enough for companies to invest in a pleasant working climate and pay attention to their employees.

After the seminar the participants were left inspired and with new insights. PSY Business will find an appropriate sequel to this seminar!