As employer/employee I want:

Fewer absences

Longer periods of absenteeism connected to mental health issues like stress, burnout and depression can lead to severe production loss. This is why we have created several programs focused on prevention of relapses, quick recovery and absenteeism prevention.

As employer/employee I want:

Optimal utilization of personnel

People who are assigned to the right tasks for them perform better, have more fun doing their job and are therefore more productive. However, nowadays changes in staff and functions are ever so frequent, therefore assigning the right person to the right job is a recurring issue.

As employer/employee I want:

Healthy personnel

Even if absenteeism is hardly present, it is of great importance to pay attention to the mental health of personnel. It is important that employees are able to maintain the right balance between their capacities and workload.

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  • If the indirect costs are included, the daily costs could rack up to €400.

  • Did you know that the daily costs of absenteeism can lead up to €230?