Airline personnel examinations

PSY Business is affiliated with and carries out examinations in accordance with the rules of the Dutch Association for Aerospace Medicine (NVvLG). If, during the medical examination of pilots or cabin crew, irregularities are noted in the field of mental health or the use of alcohol and / or drugs, the medical examiner can call on PSY Business. With our expertise (psychiatry), we can provide the medical examiner with further insight into the requirements and risks of participating in air traffic.

How do you make an appointment?
If you, as an aeromedical center (AeMC) or physician (AME), would like to make an appointment for pilots or cabin crew, please fill in the contact form on our website. After this we will contact you as soon as possible to complete the registration. The participant will then receive an invitation from us by email, with the date and time of the appointment at PSY Business and additional practical information.

Appointments take place at our location Reedijk 8A in Heinenoord.


  • The costs for psychiatric research, including elaboration and reporting, are € 900, excluding VAT.
  • If applicable, the costs for requesting and / or processing additional information are € 170 per hour, excluding VAT.
  • If additional research is required, we will provide you with a separate quote.

The costs must be paid prior to the appointment by means of a PIN payment or by Visa / Mastercard at the counter. Payment in cash is not possible. If desired, it is also possible to pay in advance by bank transfer. The amount must then be received by us no later than the day before the appointment.

Any costs for blood and / or urine tests will be charged directly to the participant by the laboratory performing the test.

What should be brought to the appointment?

  • A valid ID
  • An overview of the medication that has been used in the past year (this can be requested free of charge from your pharmacy)

After the exam
After the exam, the participant receives a draft report by secure mail to check for factual inaccuracies, such as a misspelled name. After this check, the final report is sent to you as the client, the Aerospace Medical Center (AeMC) or physician (AME).

Interested? Or more information

If you have any questions or require additional information, please contact us.

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