Even for someone already working for the company, an assessment can provide useful information. The aim could then be to deploy employees optimally based on their capabilities, to prevent work overload, to explore learning and development opportunities or to be able to advise on outplacement or job rotation.

An assessment consists of an interview with a psychologist, followed by a psychological and neuropsychological assessment and, when desired, a study into personal qualities and coping skills.

As mentioned earlier, the assessment can have different starting points. The following prices have been set as an indication:

  • Initial session: free
  • Intelligence assessment: starting at € 895
  • Neuropsychological examination: starting at € 575
  • Personality assessment: starting at € 850
  • Personality assessment, including role-play: starting at € 1,350
  • Advisory report, including feedback where needed: € 230
  • Second opinion / forensic report / civil report: depending on the request.

All prices listed above are excluding tax and are subject to change.

It is essential to determine the purpose of the assessment prior to the examination as to determine which examinations are recommended. With this information, a tailored quotation can be provided.

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