Second opinion / Forensic / Civil case reports

PSY Business can provide a rapport in the context of a second opinion, for work-related issues or for forensic/civil case reports. This also includes complicated matters such as investigations regarding questions of disability, personal injury, driving skills or concerning criminal or civil law. PSY Business can conduct independent research, which can include psychological research, psychiatric research and environmental research.

Together with the client and participant the research question will be formulated, followed by pre-examination. This can be through thorough questioning of the history of the client and by evaluating the results of prior studies, as well as through literature research. Based on our preliminary findings, we will propose a suitable follow-up. At the end of every assignment, we will provide a recommendation and a rapport, in accordance with our privacy statement.

For every assignment a tailor-made quotation can be made. The hourly rate can vary from € 147,50, excluding VAT, depending on the required examinations and specialisation.

Tests can be performed either at one of our locations or elsewhere if needed. Any travel expenses incurred may be charged.

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