Sustainable cringeword?

Towards the end of December it is always raining year overviews, looking back on the past year and not to mention the top-however many lists or elections. One of these elections was of the worst office word of 2018 *). After ‘showing ownership’ and ‘taking your role’, the term ‘sustainable employability’ ranked in third place.

What does a word have to meet to finish so high in this election? In the article it was made clear that with such a ‘cringe word’ it is unclear what the word means, that it sounds very weighty and that people hide behind it because nobody dares to ask what it exactly means.

In an organization like PSY Business, where we are committed to the mental health of personnel, the term sustainable employability is regularly used. How do we turn this cringe word into a ‘non-weighted’ word with a meaning that is clear to everyone?

Sustainable means long or durable and employability can be described as being available, useful, usable. So we could translate the cringe word as long-term availability to do something. But maybe then it will be a cringey sentence? To put it bluntly: we will leave it for the new year!

If you would like to know more about how you can keep your employees permanently employable, then you have come to the right place!

*) source: