The week of work stress: what can you do?

The week of work stress will be from 13 to 16 November this year. What are some useful things to pay attention to during this period?


How does stress develop and what effect does it have on your body? What causes stress? These are important questions to discuss. Recognising the signals of stress is essential for changing the circumstances that cause it. Making this subject open for discussion can provide room for social support from colleagues and/or the manager. People who have experienced a burnout often say that they had been experiencing complaints for a long time prior to burning out. When do you raise the alarm?

Stress management

Everyone deals with work-related stress in a different way: one loses himself in sports, another calls his best friend and yet another pauses endlessly hoping to gain more control over the situation. Which ways of coping are more useful than others and how can you arm your body against stress? A healthy body can tolerate more stress and helps combat stress in various ways. Sufficient exercise, sleep and healthy food therefore contribute to effective stress management. In addition, there are many other dials you can turn, such as the job content, employment opportunities, or the inclusion of mindfulness in your routine.